We invest in SaaS and Fintech companies which are B2B. We don’t focus on specific verticals. We are instead looking for companies which are entering a vertical because of a disruptive opportunity, such as:

  • technological: for example AI, 5G or any vertical which has not been efficiently digitized yet;
  • regulatory: for example cannabis or cleantech industries;
  • geographical: over 30% of our portfolio of companies are based in large emerging countries, focusing specifically on Nigeria, Kenya and India.

What we are looking for when making an investment decision

We are looking for a consistent story, and the conviction that the stars will align between the team, product and market size.


    • A very clear understanding of their competitive differentiation
    • Strong resilience
    • Outstanding operational and executional skills


    • It must solve a real problem: a must-have vs a nice-to-have

Market Size

    • We invest in companies whose targeted market is worth a minimum $1B