We invest in SaaS and Fintech companies which are B2B, with a focus on solutions which increase their customers productivity or enhance their customers’ offering.

We like new markets/verticals and look to invest in one of the first new entrants. We also invest in well established markets/verticals whenever the solution is disruptive enough to impact the existing order.

Our geographical priority is the United States, and we also invest in specific emerging countries, applying the same investment thesis. 

To make an investment, we need to see that the stars are well aligned, creating a consistent and interesting story. 


    • A very clear understanding of their competitive differentiation
    • Strong resilience
    • Outstanding operational and executional skills


    • It must solve a real problem: a must-have vs a nice-to-have

Market Size

    • We invest in companies whose targeted market is worth a minimum $100M


What we bring

  • We pride ourselves on being very fast while making an investment decision: no more than 2 weeks from the 1st call with the founder(s) including a light diligence process.
  • A strong sounding board: We bring 16 years of entrepreneurial experience, from founding to exit, and most importantly everything in between.  
  • Connections: we understand an entrepreneurs time is very valuable, so we strive to continue to grow our network of investors and people who can be useful connections to them.