MAVA Ventures

An early stage investment fund operating out of NYC and focused on B2B SaaS and Fintech startups.

David Mortamais founded MAVA Ventures 6 years ago and has focused on investing in early stage startups. The MAVA ecosystem has grown to 30+ total companies so far.

From our perspective, the most crucial and interesting years in a startup are the first 2/3 years. This is the key period for survival, as well as the opportunity to build the foundation of a great company.
For that reason, MAVA Ventures focuses on pre-seed and seed rounds. We believe that we are a good partner at this early stage of a company because “we’ve been there” as an ex and curent entrepreneur.

We move fast while making an investment decision: from a few days to no more than 2 weeks from the 1st call with the founder(s). We are often the first investor.

We are a strong sounding board, leveraging 16 years of entrepreneurial experience, from founding to exit, and most importantly everything in between.

We don’t lead. We don’t take board seats. We pride ourselves on being founder friendly.

Who we are

David Mortamais

Managing Partner

David founded LTI Telecom in 1998 when he saw the opportunity being created by the deregulation of the French telecom industry. LTI Telecom was a B2B alternative telecom carrier and provided service bundles to SMEs. David grew the company to over 120 employees and €30M in ARR before LTI Telecom was acquired by Altice in 2013.

David divides his time between helping founders in the MAVA portfolio leveraging his experience as a founder, and evaluating new early stage investments opportunities.